Ministério do turismo, secretaria especial da cultura e belgo bekaert arames apresentam


The nodes represent 40 places mapped by the curatorial team in the city of São Paulo.

Each presentation was organized by a person from the team and you can learn more about the process in the text at the bottom of this page.

One part of the actions proposed for the 13th International Architecture Biennale is the incorporation of significant places in the territory, called “Nós” (Nodes), to the activities proposed for the event, such as conversation circles, workshops, guided walks or invitations to visit. The mapping of the Nós privileged the presence of collectives, organizations and institutions resistant to the policies of erasing the collective memories of the territory, or even the identification of relevant places already made invisible by the consolidated urban ideologies and dynamics.

The proposal for the presentation of the Nós establishes the possibility of disseminating and exchanging information on the policies of inequalities and erasures in the city, and offers potential for cultural resistance. The curatorship thus assumes the role of dialogue, since, whenever possible, the narratives were presented by people who experience these territories on a daily basis.

The 40 places that make up this network of Nós – a minimal sample presented here – are like a metaphor for all the issues that permeate the 13th BIA and were recorded in texts, drawings, images, videos and audios that can be accessed through the website of the Biennial. Thus, it is intended to collaborate with the dissemination of information and perceptions about the conformation of territories that were systematically silenced by the official narrative about the city or are marked by solidarity, resilience, wisdom and ancestry.

Curatorial team