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Brasilândia, São Paulo - SP, 02675-031

Invitation to Mano Réu – artist, producer, writer and musician; resident of quebrada in the north area of São Paulo, Brasilândia – elaborate a setlist of songs about São Paulo and its resistances and write a text about these song for the 13th BIA

São Paulo, the largest city in the southern hemisphere, has the natural destiny of being a cosmopolitan city, a haven of dreams, aspirations for a better life and access to knowledge and opportunities. It is not by chance that the city received, at the end of the 19th century, immigrants from all over Europe and regions of Asia, in many cases with state funding and incentives in the access to employment and land. But what about the ex-slaves officially freed in 1888? What about the Northeastern migrants? What about African and American immigrants? Those who arrived here without any incentive from the State and resist day after day to reaffirm their influence in this triumphal city.

These populations dispute such narratives for resistances spaces, such as the resurgence and appreciation Tebas’ contribution to the city’s buildings, whether in the resistance of African immigrants in downtown São Paulo, or in the occupation of buildings abandoned to real estate speculation and gentrification project. This project took black communities out of the center – one example is the Liberdade neighborhood, which today is an east asian space, but which at other times was black territory. These new black territories shaped the city, creating neighborhoods like Casa Verde, Limão, Brasilândia, in the north. The south zone and part of the east zone received the northeastern children of this country. And the west side, then, was kept as a place for the middle and upper class.

This scenario of tensions, erasure, contributions, and resistance is brought up by me in this humble and eclectic playlist or set… A trip through songs, artists and territories that are intertwined with these songs… The sounds we hear at black parties that took the center of the city, east and north side during the tough dictatorship period in the end of the 1970s, the hip hop and its occupation in Rua 24 de Maio with Praça Dom José de Barros at São Bento station, the songs from Haiti, Nigeria and those by our South American hermanos, songs that introduce the city’s neighborhoods such as Jaçanã, and the Cohabs. We also bring the classics from the 1990s and its pagode, axé that rocks each small party in the city up to nowadays, the MPB swing, the cancioneiro brought by the northeastern migrants that shaped our accent and our vocabulary, the escolas de samba that are historical and immaterial patrimony to all the people from São Paulo, the contemporary funk and its freedom, and, of course, some tougher reflections on the sacred concrete we walk on each day to go to work, to love, to dream, to study, to survive! Have a great listening! 

Israel Neto (ou Mano Réu) – musician and writer. Brasilândia resident. Text written for the 13th BIA.



Spotify: Bienal Inter. Arquitetura


Youtube: Playlist Bienal Internacional de Arquitetura (Não Listada)


OS ORIGINAIS DO SAMBA – A subida do morro

DEMÔNIOS DA GAROA – Trem das onze


THIG – Jaçanã Picadilha

CAJU E CASTANHA – O pobre e o rico

JAMES BROWN – Cold sweat

MICHAEL JACKSON – Rock with you

KURTIS BLOW – The breaks

SHAGGY – Boombastic

DJAVAN – Lilás

BEBETO – A beleza é você menina

SAMPA CREW – Eterno amor


ART POPULAR – Sem abuso

AS MENINAS – Xibom bombom

É O TCHAN – Dança da cordinha

RACIONAIS MC’S – Diário de um detento

MARIA RITA – Minha alma (A paz que eu não quero)

CÁSSIA ELLER – De esquina

DESALENTADOS – São Paulo não é pra pobre

CRIOLO – Não existe amor em SP

MC DA LESTE – São Paulo

MC BRUXO – Brasilândia mil grau 2.0

ANDRÉ MORAES – Lugares invisíveis

NNEKA – Heartbeat


CALLE 13 – Latinoamérica

ZÉ RAMALHO – Admirável gado novo

ROSAS DE OURO – Non Dvcor Dvco (Qual a minha cara)  – Samba Enredo 1992 

GAVIÕES DA FIEL – O príncipe encoberto ou A busca de Dom Sebastião na Ilha de São Luís do Maranhão – Samba Enredo 1999

VAI VAI – Simplesmente Elis. A Fábula de uma Voz na Transversal do Tempo – Samba Enredo 2015

ADRIANO NASCIMENTO – Quartas de Cinzas