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Complexo Psiquiátrico do Juquery

Educational proposition “ “Ebó de Palavras: the verb as an offering” in the territory of the former Psychiatric Complex of the Juquery in the municipality of Franco da Rocha – SP, 2021.


Coletivo ebó de palavras

Video transcript

Excerpt from “Poema-ebó (for November 20th)” by Lívia Natália

Owner of the crossroads,
dweller of the sills in my life doors,
Loudly speaks that shadows the sun:

Masters the corners that turn
the black body of my people!
Pour on us your perfumed epô,
bathe us in your farofa
over the life’s alguidá!

smoke our ways
with your enchanted smoke.
Play with our enemies,
prevent, confuse, blind
the eyes that barely see us.


Orishas’s beloved boy,
I give you this poem as an offering.
I put it in your settlement
this ebó of words!