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Comunidade do Moinho

Moinho - Campos Elíseos, São Paulo - SP

My name is Alessandro Moja, I am 37 years old, and I have been living in Comunidade do Moinho for 30 years. We have been putting up many fights since 1997. 

In 2005, we began a process of collective adverse possession, in 2008, we gained advanced custody of collective adverse possession. In 2011, there was a great fire in which six hundred families were affected, families who then registered for rent-aid, that are now waiting, waiting for a house.  

Today there are 1,300 families in the community. 

To talk a little bit about what is going on, after almost thirty years, Sabesp entered the terrain, to make water and sewer installation in the community. The duration of the deadline they said is six months, between the beginning and the end of the works.

So, there is no victory without fight. I think our fight is starting to bear fruit. Our tree is bearing fruit, which is the water coming. And we expect much more, which is energy, to get land regularization for everyone in the same place and the rights to the city as well – for all the families that are in that place.