Ministério do turismo, secretaria especial da cultura e belgo bekaert arames apresentam

Feira da Praça Kantuta

Canindé, São Paulo - SP

By Thiago Iaqeb Ahmose

(transcript of the comics)

Praça Kantuta – Canindé – São Paulo/SP – Every Sunday, from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

  • Wow!! What about this perfect dumpling?! A salteña, a kind of Bolivian baked pastry!
  • The fair of Praça da Kantuta started about 20 years ago with an immigrant lady named Berta. She sold anticucho in Praça Santo Antônio do Pari. A community started to form around her and the stall becamed a fair.

Over time the Catholic Church began to complain about the movement of people in the square, and it was then that the city council decided to organize the Fair, which was considered clandestine. Looking for a space nearby, in 2002, it was moved to Praça da Kantuta.

  • I was told that in Bolivia the salteña was specifically created by the hands of an Argentine. It looks like the name might have variations then…
  • The square is overlooked by the government, which does not seem to manifest an opinion about it. It is generally frequented by the surrounding residents, and transited by the workers at lunch time. On Sundays she gets a special color thanks to the fair!

Festa de La Citas. Anniversay of Andean nations. Day of Saint Ekeko. Independence of Bolivia. Festa de La Paz. Mother’s day. Not to mention the songs, the sale of varied products, and dance parades by the Tintos groups, Caporares, São Simão, Morenada, Bolívia central, Diablada and Salay, all groups of the same dance, the Tarqueada!

  • The filling varies depending on the preparation. The dough is very resistant, based on wheat flour, hot fat, water, salt and a loooot of juice!
  • There was a project in colaboartion with the Federal Institute (IFSP) opposite here for the renovation of the square. But the sponsors ran away and the college didn’t even send us the layout of anything… the project died and we were disposed like objects…
  • We organize a total of 30 exhibitors, in addition to an association that carries out the bureaucratic part of the administration. The City Hall abandoned the party years ago, and today what we have is are worse conditions due to the mass emptying resulting from the pandemic.
  • You gotta watch out for the boiling juice that comes out from the inside! Hahahaha! You better eat it with a spoon! They recommend it themselves!
  • We’ve had a giant loss! Out of an average audience of 150, today we have 30. Look around you, everywhere’s empty! The exhibitors themselves have also left to seek income in other ways. We have always been us for us, and the pandemic ensured a dismantling of all this. But we know that dismantlings on this country is a project right…