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Ocupação Master Bus (Vila Ema)

The occupation called Master Bus, in the region of Vila Ema, east zone of São Paulo, is a relevant case of fight for land in the city of São Paulo. Neighbor of CEU Vila Formosa (located on the right side of the occupation), it was formed by people who did not have access to housing, as in most occupations in our country. The place, over time, became a reference for collective living, mutual respect, community construction, and art vivacity.


In this context, a collective resident of the place won a public notice from Programa Municipal VAI (Valorização de Iniciativas Culturais), to produce videos and records of the occupation. This is the material produced in this knot, which becomes quite relevant to discuss the difficulty of access to land and the violence of the State in repressing these forms of community organization.

Below there is a report of the creator of the winning project of the VAI Program, made for the 13th International Architecture Biennale, recalling the history of fights and erasures.





Video produced by Coletivo Estação SP for Programa VAI, (fostering culture in the periphery), municipality of São Paulo, portraying the occupation and its culture and also the violent repossession of space:



Name: Master Bus 

Local: Vila Ema, Jd. Primavera, Zona Leste (behind CEU Vila Formosa) 

Families: 830 

Artis: around 180 artists and educationalists involved in Projeto Estação SP (graffiti, photography, music, etc.)

The use of the brute, oppressive State force.

Since always…


Pedro Smith