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11 june

Banda Alana Concert Free access.

Location: Rua Kumaki Aoki, 1390 - Jardim Helena, São Paulo - SP, 08090-370 (Main entrance).

Regents: Adriana Biancolini e Silvanny Rodriguez

Music as a tool for social transformation.

Banda Alana is a sociocultural project of the Instituto Alana that for 13 years has triggered the individual power of children and young people by valuing their personal characteristics and presented new life references for the community of Jardim Pantanal, East Zone of São Paulo. Through an educational cycle, participants acquire knowledge in music and citizenship, stating that music is also a path to the full experience of childhood and youth. The developed repertoire is focused on the rescue of Brazilian culture, as well as on musical references of the participants themselves, promoting an exchange of knowledge and stimulating interest in new aesthetics.

The project is led by musicians and educators Adriana Biancolini and Silvanny Rodriguez, who together lead Banda Alana in their group practices and integrate the stages of pedagogical development, as well as general musical and event production.