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08 june

Bodies and territories

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There is a relation between the encounter of bodies and territories, which configures the crossings of these bodies through the spaces they inhabit. This relation, however, does not exist in a harmonious way, insofar as there are procedures intrinsic to the construction of territories that legitimize some bodies and make others vulnerable. In this meeting, we invite voices that can denounce the precariousness of the territories and the legitimization of these bodies and their crossings.



Deriva do Bem: cidade, encontro e memória (2022). Bráulio Vinícius Ferreira, Altillierme Carlo Pereira dos Santos. Length – 3:00 min.

Bororé no mundo: uma experiência de extensão universitária junto a agentes sociais e culturais da Ilha do Bororé/SP (2022). Ester Marilia Cunha da Cruz. Length – 2:57 min.

Do Artefato ao artifício: reciclagem dos usos, predial e urbano por meio da Chaminé da Tecelagem Japy – A criação de um complexo educacional (2022). Pedro Henrique Natalino Patelli. Length – 3:00 min.



Kaísa Santos Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from Braz Cubas University, she works with autonomy in different spheres. She has worked in the area of accessibility and mobility since 2007. She is responsible for specific consultancies for People Inclusion in several institutions. Kaísa was also a collaborator of the Ahu! Accessibility Consulting for five years. Currently, the professional, who is a Public Policies Specialist, is finishing an MBA in Digital Business. Besides the participations she considers important in the Civil Society – among them as a Counselor for the Sustainable Development of the Municipality of São Paulo – and online events during the pandemic, Kaísa develops research with emphasis on people’s autonomy, inclusion, and the architect’s design.



Filipe Fontes He is 25 years old, actor, singer, cultural producer, and art educator. He is a student at Escola de Arte Dramática da Universidade São Paulo, (EAD-ECA-USP) and co-founder of Coletivo Calundu and the Odídere musical group.


Marco Antônio Gavério Social scientist, master and doctor in Sociology from the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar). From sociological and anthropological perspectives, his investigations revolve around disability as a sociocultural and historical category. In this sense, he observes how this category emerges in correlation to theories and practices about the body, sexuality, and, more currently, health and accessibility. Gavério is also a member of the Accessibility and Disability Policies Commission of the National Association of Graduate Studies and Research in the Social Sciences (ANPOCS) and a member of the Critical Disability Studies WG of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO).