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03 july

Bodies, community, and architecture Free access

Location: Cine Favela - Rua do Pacificador, 288, Cidade Nova Heliópolis - São Paulo - SP, 04235-230.


Escritório Escola Itinerante: A universalização da Arquitetura e do Urbanismo (2022). Gabriela Mayumi Kiyoto Figueiredo, Terezinha de Oliveira Gonzaga. Length – 2:59 min.

Caminhos Urbanos – memória industrial na transposição de barreiras (2022). Elaine Cristina de Barros Cordeiro, Valéria Teixeira de Paiva. Length – 2:59 min.

Como você imagina um Museu da Criança? Arquiteturas Imaginárias (2022). Sophia de Oliveira Novaes. Length – 1:13 min.



Melissa Matsunaga Architect-urbanist with experience in social housing and urbanization of precarious settlements. She teaches at the Federal University of Amapá and is currently on assignment at the National Secretariat of Housing in Brasília.



Marion Howa Architect, graduated in Political Sciences, and a researcher in architecture. She has worked with Christophe Hutin since 2013. She is finishing her PHD on the transformation of housing in popular neighborhood. In her researches, she proposes a reflection about the renewal of the practice of the architects with the inhabitants communities with the tools from the theories of pragmatism and social transformation.

Reginaldo de Túlio He was born in Paraná and worked as a farmer in his childhood. He moved to São Paulo at 16 to live in his aunt and uncle’s house and started to attend theater classes. A few years later, together with his wife, he settled in the city of Nova Heliópolis, where they still live today. Reginaldo is a community leader, idealizer, founder, and executive producer of all the activities of the cultural association Cine Favela Heliópolis since its creation. He has produced several short film projects such as: “Gota de Sangue”, “Os Excluídos”, “A Vítima”, and cinema, editing, and interpretation workshops. He created and produced the Cine Favela Film Festival, which had 5 editions.