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09 june

Cartography of social inequality and pandemic

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The pandemic was a symptomatic stage of the socio-political structure in which we live in the contemporary world. The problems are extreme, circumstances in which the negligence and violence of the state selects its victims. Analyzing this inequality in access to life is everyone’s responsibility



Cultura e favela: uma visão de centro cultural sob a ótica da cultura popular (2022). Leonardo Pires Luiz. Length – 5:51 min

Dossiê paisagem sertaneja: memória, água, política pública (2022). João Igor Alexandre Cunha. Length – 3:01 min.

Olhares Negros Quirino (2022). Janaína Farias de Souza Ferreira. Length – 2:58 min



Pedro Rossi He is a LABHAB-FAUUSP researcher, where he is developing a doctorate on Brazilian urban policy. He was president of IAB/PB between the years 2017 and 2019. Currently, he is a board member of IAB and CAU/PB, and a member of BrCidades network.



Antonia Cleide Alves She is 58 years old, with a degree in psychology. She is part of the first 153 families that arrived in Heliópolis in the 1970s, and today she is President of UNAS – Union of Nuclei, Associations of Residents of Heliópolis and Region.


Sarah Marques She is cofounder of the Tabaiares Resiste Crab Collective and a Popular Educator.