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09 june

Construction Workshop of Parque Naturalizado

Location: Rua Kumaki Aoki, 1390 - Jardim Helena, São Paulo - SP, 08090-370 (Main entrance).

The Parque Naturalizado is a play space made up of elements from nature. The concept of the naturalized park was created with the goal of promoting contact with nature and with neighbors in public or private spaces in large cities. The toys, furniture, and installations are based on natural elements such as trees, bushes, stones, water, branches, and earth, encouraging more challenging sensory and motor experiences that stimulate creativity for both babies and children, with and without disabilities, of all ages. In the workshop the participants will have the opportunity to experience the creation of structures for a naturalized park from natural materials that will be available on site (logs, stumps, branches, seeds, bamboos, etc.). The planning and implementation process of the Naturalized Park has been going on since May, so the participants will be able to observe the structures already created and follow the finalization process.



Ciranda da Vida is a company that develops projects and training courses that connect environment, childhood and artistic creation. In recent years it has created and implemented Parques Naturalizados, in partnership with Instituto Alana and Fundação Bernard Van Leer, in several Brazilian cities participating in the Urban95 network. Guilherme Blauth is a visual artist and researcher in education, childhood and nature. He has developed several cooperative games and publications that seek to contribute to the dissemination of ecopedagogy and the construction of a living relationship between parents and children. He is one of the founders of Jardim das Brincadeiras, an organic space in Paulo Lopes (SC) where children and adults can play freely. He currently develops projects of natural spaces for families in public and private spaces in several states of the country.