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05 june

Crossing Downtown: living and resisting (CAU/SP)

Meeting point: Conselho de Arquitetura e Urbanismo de São Paulo (CAU/SP) - Rua Quinze de Novembro, 194, Centro Histórico de São Paulo - São Paulo – SP, 01013-000.

The city of São Paulo has one of the largest housing deficits in Brazil and had, in 2010, more than 30,000 vacant properties in the downtown area alone. Legal incentives for the implementation of social housing in the region do not seem to be enough: the production of housing on behalf of the real estate market expels low-income families to regions with little or no infrastructure in terms of transportation, facilities, or job offers. Thus, by occupying vacant properties, popular movements have established themselves as resistance for the right to the city. The journey goes through places that mark the struggle for housing, interspersed with relevant points of memory of the center and discusses the role of the architect in the face of the housing emergency.



Ceda el Paso is a studio dedicated to cultural productions, workshops, independent publications and experimentation with walking, the urban and its citizens and the infinite possible readings and dynamics that are / make everyday life. The studio is Jéssica Andrade, urban anthropology researcher and designer, and Ricardo Silva, architect, university professor and photographer.

CONDUCTION: Ricardo Silva.

PRODUCTION: Jéssica de Souza Andrade.

SPECIALIST: Carmen da Silva Ferreira.


CAU/SP SUPPORT:  Debora Sanchez, Fernanda Simon Cardoso, Renata Ballone.