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09 de july

Cycling Tour and Inauguration of the Cyclotourist Route Neighborhood Plan of Jardim Pantanal

Meeting Point: Estação Itaim Paulista da CPTM - Linha 12 Safira (on the exit to Rua Cordão de São Francisco).

The tourist, cultural, and environmental cycle route of Jardim Pantanal was inserted as a public policy proposal in the Plano de Bairro of Jardim Pantanal, in order to be introduced in the agenda of the leisure cycle lanes of the municipality and the tourist cycle routes of the state of São Paulo. It aims to promote the development of local culture and identity through the use of bicycles, visiting the main cultural and environmental heritage of the region and provoking reflections on the history of the city, the neighborhood and its residents, at an intersection with environmental and heritage education, as well as with urban mobility and community leisure. The itinerary, made by the cycling company Pedala-se, will depart from Itaim Paulista station and is scheduled to be completed in 3 hours most. The cycle route has a low-level difficulty. Number of participants: 15 places will be offered for cyclists over 18 years old. Young people from 14 to 18 years old need to be accompanied by an adult.



Rogério Rai Cycle activist from the peripheral territory of São Miguel Paulista (East Zone of São Paulo). He uses the bicycle as a means of urban mobility, politics and culture. He is the creator of Pedale-se, a company that articulates History and Cycling, Administrative Director of Ciclocidade, Coordinator of the Aromeiazero Delivery Justo Alana and Lapenna project, and one of the Southeast of UCB.