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26 june

Intervention and celebration workshop Prototype City São Paulo Open to the local community. Free access.

Location: Escola Estadual Professor Fernandes Soares
Rua Erva do Sereno, 135 - Jardim São Martinho, São Paulo - SP, 08180-010.

The workshop foresees the finalization of the project Prototype City São Paulo, co-created with students from EMEF Virgilio de Mello Franco. The intervention will take place along the sidewalk of Rua Erva do Sereno, starting at Avenida Professor Alípio de Barros and ending at Rua Ubapitanga. The participants will be able to collaborate with the painting of the urban furniture and with the planting of trees according to the project. Finally, a celebration to recognize the value of the whole process and share the new space with the community.