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07 july

Launch of the 1st phase of the Plano de Bairro of Jardim Pantanal

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The Plano de Bairro [Neighborhood Plan] was instituted by the Plano Diretor Municipal [Municipal Master Plan] in 2014 and is the main urban planning tool for territories, especially those located in peripheral areas and far from the areas that receive greater investments. The IABsp, in partnership with the Instituto Alana and the Jardim Pantanal community, is going to present the results of the 1st phase of Plano de Bairro of Jardim Pantanal, which has been developed collectively with the local population since 2020. Among the topics presented are: the community’s view on the problems and potential of the territory, the work methodology, and the initial proposals for guidelines for integrated re-urbanization of the territory, opening the debate for discussion with the government and the community.



Resiliência no Haiti Pós-Desastre: Estudo aplicado na comunidade Cité Soleil, Porto Príncipe (2022). Michelle Balbeck De Nunzio. Length – 3:32 min

Rasuras e reescritura do Rio: Cais do Valongo (2021). Esther Mastrangelo Rosas. Length – 2:57 min.

Dos brasis que se faz um país: em busca da arquitetura popular brasileira (2022). Cecília Andrade Fiuza. Length – 3:01 min.



Hannah Arcuschin Machado  Architect and Urban Planner from the University of São Paulo (FAU-USP) and Master in Management and Public Policy from Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV-EASP). She is Co-President of the Institute of Architects of Brazil – São Paulo Department (IAB-SP) and Program Manager at Vital Strategies, where she works with urban and environmental health. She was Coordinator of Urban Design and Mobility for the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Traffic Safety, technical advisor for the Secretariat of Urban Development of São Paulo and member of the Fluvial Metropolis Research Group (FAU-USP).



Alex Abiko Civil Engineer and full prof. in Urban and Housing Management at Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, working in the areas of urban and housing governance, urban engineering, social housing, slum upgrading and urban sustainability.


Arlete Pescarolo  She has a Bachelor’s degree in Law from UNIESP, has been a community leader in Jardim Pantanal for 20 years, participated in the actions of the NGO TETO in the territory, and is part of the current board of directors of the Associação dos Moradores e Amigos do Jardim Pantanal – AMOJAP,


Leila Vendrametto Geographer and communicologist from PUCSP, specialist in Ecology, Art and Sustainability from UNESP and doctoral candidate in Environmental Science at PROCAM/ IEE/ USP. She is coordinator of the Urbanizar project at Instituto Alana.


José Armênio de Brito Cruz Deputy Secretary of the Secretary of Urbanism and Licensing (SMUL). Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of São Paulo, Professor of Projects at Escola da Cidade, member of the National Commission for Cultural Incentives at the Ministry of Culture, President of IABsp (2012-2016) and President of São Paulo Urbanismo. Currently, since February 2021 he is Deputy Secretary of SMUL.


Simone Gatti Architect and urban planner with a doctorate from FAUUSP. She is president of FundoFICA, professor of urbanism at Escola da Cidade and coordinator of the Jardim Pantanal Plano de Bairro in the Sites in Network of the 13th International Biennale of Architecture of São Paulo. She represents IABsp in the Municipal Council of Urban Policy of the São Paulo City Hall and is a member of the Special Commission on Urban Law of OABsp.