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03 july

Mokoi tekoá petei jeguatá – Duas aldeias, uma caminhada (Germano Benites, Ariel Duarte Ortega, Jorge Ramos Morinico)

Tickets available 1h before screening.

Mokoi Tekoá Petei Jeguatá – Duas aldeias, uma caminhada (2008). Direction: Germano Benites, Ariel Duarte Ortega, Jorge Ramos Morinico. Length: 63 min. Young people from two Guarani-Mbya communities today experience the impacts of European colonization, urbanization processes, and the unavailability of land as a means of subsistence and access to hunting and agriculture. The frustrated attempts to sell their handicrafts reflect the impediment to the development of their own political, economic, and cultural community.