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23 june

Resistance and resilience in construction

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We will discuss in this session the most diverse ways that construction methods use to keep alive, either by resistance or resilience, knowing that construction is not something only material but a result of the most diverse combinations present in each population.



Otros Paisajes Industriales (2022). Wilmer Eduardo Coronado Castillo. Length – 3:00 min.

Pedagogia da Quermesse: Universidade, Reprodução e Cozinhas (2022). Luisa Bissoni de Souza. Length – 3:48 min.

Ações poéticas urbanas (2022). Emilliano Alves de Freitas Nogueira, Lucas Italo Silva Ribeiro, Maiári Cruz Iasi, Thiago Lopes Oliveira Santos, Ana Vitória Freitas, Victória Regina Farias Brasiliano, Izabella Abdalla Santos, Elisa Maria Barros Marques. Length – 3:00 min.



Luiz Antonio de Souza B.A. in Architecture and Urbanism from UFBA; PhD in Architecture and Urbanism from the Graduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Bahia; currently he is an Adjunct II Professor at the State University of Bahia – UNEB and Collaborating Professor at the Graduate Program in Architecture and Urbanism at PPG-AU/UFBA.



Aisha Diéne ou Lembamueji  is Kota Manganza from the territory Nzo Jimona ria Nzambi in Águas Lindas de Goiás; Architect and Urban Planner, Master in Social Anthropology (DAN/PPGAS/UnB), PhD student in Architecture and Urbanism (PPG-GAU/UnB) and member of the editorial board of Calundu Magazine (UnB). She is a member of the study group about Afro-Brazilian religiosities – Calundu and of the university extension project Diálogos Comunitários Calunduzeiros (SOL/UnB). She is a researcher at Matula Laboratory – Sociabilities, Differences and Inequalities (DAN/UnB).


Ilídio Daio Architect by the Technical University of Lisbon in 1999. Postgraduate degree in Basic Habitability by the Polytechnic University of Madrid in 2005. Post-graduation in Sustainable Urban Planning (World Bank 2012), Training in Urban Center Management (IST and FUNDEC 2015). Kubikuz Award for Urban Social Housing by Imogestin in 2016. Head of Department of Planning and Urban Management of the Technical Office of Urban Reconversion of Cazenga GTRUC, Member of the Interministerial Commission for consideration and approval of Master Plans and the Interministerial Commission for the reform of the State Housing Policy. Participant in a task force of experts from Africa Centre for Cities for the reform of Urban Legislation in Sub-Saharan Africa, event organized by the Rockefeller Foundation (2012). Curator of the Documentary “Nguimbi – Luanda IV Séc. of Urbanization and Architecture Tertulias in Luanda” (2018). Author of some publications such as: “The Impact of the COVID Pandemic on Architecture and Urbanism in Angola” and “Tips for the Success of the 1 Million Homes Program in Angola”