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14 june

Screening and talk Mokoi tekoá petei jeguatá - Duas aldeias, uma caminhada (Germano Benites, Ariel Duarte Ortega, Jorge Ramos Morinico)

Tickets available 1h before screening
Location: IMS Paulista - Avenida Paulista, 2424 - Bela Vista, São Paulo - SP, 01310-300.

Mokoi Tekoá Petei Jeguatá – Duas aldeias, uma caminhada (2008). Direction: Germano Benites, Ariel Duarte Ortega, Jorge Ramos Morinico. Length: 63 min. Young people from two Guarani-Mbya communities today experience the impacts of European colonization, urbanization processes, and the unavailability of land as a means of subsistence and access to hunting and agriculture. The frustrated attempts to sell their handicrafts reflect the impediment to the development of their own political, economic, and cultural community



Uma Casa do Fogo no Centro da Universidade (2022). Maylson de Alencar Barbosa, Bárbara Carneiro Servidone, Fernanda Pereira Theodoro, Maria Isabel Magalhães Tavares de Oliveira, Giovanna Strengari Nanci Fluminhan, Nath Cordeiro da Silva, Paulo Jeremias Aires, Leandro Karaí Mirim Pires Gonçalves. Length: 3 min.

Socializando com Arte’S-Verdadeiros Heróis (2018).  Budga Deroby Nhambiquara.  Length: 3 min.



Pedro Vinícius Alves Co-curator of the 13th International Architecture Biennale. He is a researcher of the collective Cartografia Negra, worked at the Secretariat of Culture of the State of São Paulo in the years 2014 and 2015. He was a trainer in Cultural Cartography in the Training program for monitors of Casas de Cultura.



Márcio Mendonça Boggarim Chief of the Yvy-Porã village located in the indigenous land Jaraguá in the city of São Paulo. He is president of the local council of the Special Indigenous Health Secretariat (SESAI) in São Paulo. “My fight is for the demarcation of the Jaraguá indigenous land so that we can live according to the teachings of our elders and practice our culture and religion, I seek improvements and guarantees of a differentiated health within my territory. I am in constant struggle to guarantee the Nhandereko, the way of being and living of my Guarani Mbya and Nhandeva people within the largest metropolis in Brazil and I will resist, my People will resist, aguyjeveté”.