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19 june

Tekoá Yvy-Porã: Another Way Of Living In São Paulo

Location: Aldeia Yvy-Porã - Estrada Turística do Jaraguá, Vila Jaraguá - São Paulo - SP, 02675-031

We will accompany Jurandir Jekupe and Thiago Henrique, Guarani-Mbya leaders where they live: the Aldeia Yvy Porã, located next to the Pico do Jaraguá, northwest of São Paulo. Jurandir will talk about building technologies and materials, resistance in the fight for housing, movement through the territory, food, and the relation of his people with environmental impacts. At the end, a snack made by the community with typical dishes will be offered.



Jurandir Karai Djekupe Grandson of Jandira, one of the first female cacicas in Brazil. Jurandir experienced the process of constitution of the indigenous territory of Jaraguá, starting from his family and expanding. Science educator in elementary school in Indigenous Education for 12 years, he is concerned with the ecosystem and all its relations – agroecology, agroforestry, permaculture – with the inhabitants of his village and the city.


Thiago Henrique Karai Djekupe Activist and indigenous leader in the Yvy-Porã village, he was the founder of the Guardians of the Forest collective. He is graduating in Architecture and Urbanism at Escola da Cidade. In 2010, at the age of 16, he was recognized as a young leader of the Indigenous Land Jaraguá-SP, and began to participate in political and social articulations in defense of native peoples and in favor of land demarcations and against anti-indigenist policies