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01 july

Territories and race Free access.

Location: CCSP - Rua Vergueiro, 1000, Paraíso, São Paulo - SP | 01504-000.

To rethink racially the various territories in this project of nation is urgent, insofar as it was one of the first socio-political stages in this invasion. The permanent Brazilian structure has been developed in the invasion of white people in non-white societies.



[IN]FORMALIDADE: Diálogos com Carolina de Jesus e Françoise Ega para análise da habitação social e segregação sócio racial entre São Paulo e Paris (2022). Débora Fernandes do Nascimento. Length – 3:02 min.

Entre a roça e a floresta: um canteiro experimental de agroecologia na zona rural sul de São Paulo (2021). Lara Nakazone. Length – 3:01 min.

Entre colonos e Kariris: uma leitura histórica do avanço do projeto colonial sobre o sertão nordestino e suas populações originárias (2022). Matheus Bonini Machado. Length – 2:59 min.



Gabriela de Matos Architect and urban planner, she graduated from FAU at PUC Minas in 2010 and specialized in Sustainability and Management of the Built Environment at UFMG. She is founder of the project Arquitetas Negras, which maps the production of black Brazilian architects. She researches structural racism and its influences on urban planning, and contemporary architecture produced in Africa and its diaspora. She signs the editorial of the magazine Arquitetas Negras vol.1, and is currently 1st vice-president of IABsp.



Kévi Donat Originally from Martinique, Kévi Donat moved to Paris in 2009, after graduating at the Sciences Po Rennes. In February 2011, he found out his profession and passion after having led touristic sightseeing tours in the capital. The more he knows and reads, the more he is faced with matters on race and, more broadly, identity. This is the beginning of Paris Noir. The visits were initially destined to the English-speaking audiences, but they rapidly won the French people over. Paris Noir has been growing since then.

Marcelo Zig Philosopher, lecturer, social provocateur and activist for the rights of people with disabilities. Founder of the collective Quilombo PcD that works on the intersectionality of race and disability and the impacts of the alliance between racism and capacitism in the life of the black person with disability. Spokesman for Inklua, a company that recruits and selects people with disabilities for formal work.