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15 june

The cosmogony of (racial)capitalism

Simultaneous translation will be available for registrants only.
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The meeting proposes to establish an interpretative basis on the capitalist economic, political, and social structure in which we live, through a perception that encompasses ethnic-racial relations, more directly in an understanding of these historical colonization processes that constituted the basis of urbanization and materialization of the world, and thus reflect how racism builds the capitalist world.



Ralo de Gente (2022). Gabriela de Brito Teixeira, Emanuele Durval Kern. Length – 2:24 min. 

Uma casa do fogo no centro da universidade (2022). Maylson de Alencar Barbosa, Bárbara Carneiro Servidone, Fernanda Pereira Theodoro , Maria Isabel Magalhães Tavares de Oliveira, Giovanna Strengari Nanci Fluminhan, Nath Cordeiro da Silva, Paulo Jeremias Aires,  Leandro Karaí Mirim Pires Gonçalves. Length – 3:00 min.

Cartografia dos não-abraços: mandingas de encantaria (2022). Raquel Santos. Length – 3:01 min.



Raissa Albano de Oliveira Co-curator of the 13th International Architecture Biennale. She is an anthropologist and educator, an African womanist. She was a trainer in the Jovem Monitor program (CIEDS). She is a researcher at Coletivo Cartografia Negra, Research Coordinator at Instituto Gilberto Dimenstein.


Thiago Ahmose Co-curator of 13th International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo. Afrocentric writer and comic book artist. Educator and researcher of the Medu Neter (hieroglyphs, the writing system of ancient Kemet, Egypt) by the institution Kasa of Maat. Graduating in Geography at IFSP – Campus São Paulo, he researches the use of comics of his authorship for teaching Geography in Basic Education.



Casé Angatu He is indigenous and lives in the Tupinambá Territory in Olivença (Ilhéus/BA) in the Taba Gwarïnï Atã. He is a professor in the Graduate Program in Teaching and Ethnic-Racial Relations at the Federal University of Southern Bahia (PPGER-UFSB) and at the State University of Santa Cruz (UESC/Ilhéus/BA) and is a post-doctoral student in psychology at UNESP. He holds a PhD from the School of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo (FAUUSP), a master’s degree in History from PUC-SP, and a historian from UNESP. Author of the books: “Nem Tudo Era Italiano – São Paulo e Pobreza na Virada do Século (1890-1915)” (2018), “Identidades Urbanas e Globalização: constituição dos territórios em Guarulhos/SP” (2006).

Dele Adeyemo Architect and urban theorist at the University of London. His research crosses black studies with urban studies to question how the rise of logistics is driving urbanization processes through perceptions stemming from colonialism.